Wednesday 19th June | 03:00 PM

In this session we will be looking at the development of Vertiports and Infrastructure at airports. This is a rapidly developing area of aviation with many interesting and debatable elements, for example, airspace management, passenger safety, vertiport design, charging points for larger 'people carriers' and many more.

John Hamshare, Aviation Management Consultant leads this session on Vertiports. John will be joined by Jeremy Hartley. Jeremy is the Policy Specialist-Vertiports for the UK CAA as part of the UK's Future Flight Programme. His role is to ensure regulations for this new type of aerodrome infrastructure allow for safe and efficient operations are ready for the introduction of eVTOL aircraft. With a MSc in Air Transport Operations, he’s also the UK member for the ICAO Vertical Flight Infrastructure Working Group developing standards on an international level.


Henrik Rothe 2023
Henrik Rothe
Senior Lecturer for Airport Planning & Design
Cranfield University
J Keegan (1)
Jack Keegan
Airside Safety & Compliance Manager
Bristol Airport
Adele Gammarano
Adele Gammarano
Airport Regulation, Safety & Operations Manager
Airport Operators Association
Lee Crawley
Performance & Improvement Manager
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Pete Gibbs
Performance & Standards Manager.
Gennaro Carcassa
Operations Director
GH London