Tuesday 18th June | 10:00 AM
UK & Irish Airports Winter Resilience Group
Giles Peeters, STN, hosts the UK & Irish Airport Winter Resilience Group 2024 meeting

The first meeting of the UK & Irish Winter Resilience group since before COVID promises to be a great opportunity for everybody to re-connect and discuss winter operations.

As ever this will be an informal session to discuss topics raised by the group openly and share experiences and knowledge.

This year we will be joined by the Met Office to talk all things winter weather, with a Q&A session after.

The CAA will be giving an update on GRF and will be available to answer and questions that may arise on this subject.

 Lauren Donohue from the Met Office will be presenting "Met Office support for UK Aviation" which will look at:

  • Who are the Met Office and relationship with UK airspace users
  • Forecasting services overview
  • Aerodrome Warnings
  • Met Office Aeronautical Visualisation



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Henrik Rothe
Senior Lecturer for Airport Planning & Design
Cranfield University
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Jack Keegan
Airside Safety & Compliance Manager
Bristol Airport
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Adele Gammarano
Airport Regulation, Safety & Operations Manager
Airport Operators Association
Lee Crawley
Performance & Improvement Manager
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Pete Gibbs
Performance & Standards Manager.
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Operations Director
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